About the Sessions

Rose Readings

A Rose Reading is a clairvoyant look at you, the spiritual being, or soul, using the symbol of a rose.
During the reading I will describe the attributes of your unique rose and then interpret them, giving you information on your current spiritual growth period, your communication systems and any significant blocks or influences in present time.  One or two short past life readings are included in the Rose Reading.  You are invited to ask a question or two at the end of the reading.

Aura Reading

The aura is the magnetic energy field surrounding your body. It contains the emanations of the seven main energy centers, called chakras, which provide essential spiritual information for all aspects of your life.
During the reading, each layer will be described by colour, symbols and present time focus relating to each specific energy center.  Your aura provides extensive information on every aspect of your life including: survival issues, emotions, power. affinity, communication, clairvoyance and spiritual knowingness. It is an excellent way to receive validation on how you are using your energy in present time, as well as any blocks that may be influencing your life.

Energy work

Energy work refers to session that focus entirely on healing work. They may be scheduled in conjunction with a reading, or be entirely separate.  In these sessions, I work with a healing guide to help move blocks and to rev up the entire energy system.  Using a non-touch healing protocol, I move neutral healing energy through the entire chakra system and many of the other energy channels that run throughout the body. This powerful tool  helps to  energize and relax, as it cleanses and clears unwanted energy.



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